MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Who knew I could love a vacuum cleaner so much? Today, I give you my MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review. This thing is amazing, and I never knew what I was missing all these years.

What Makes the MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner So Good?

Here are the main benefits of using the MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Super light-weight

    This thing weighs just about nothing, and I can run around my house moving as fast as I can with it without getting tired. It only weighs 2.84 lbs.

  • Totally portable and cordless

    There is no cord to trip over, so when you are running around vacuuming your floors with this 2.84 lb. lightweight beauty, you can rest assured you aren’t going to trip over a cord and biff it. This is especially true when doing stairs.

  • High-powered brushless motor

    The motor on this thing runs at 50,000rpm and has a 700-hour service life according to MOOSOO. The motor is pretty quiet at 67dB. I can actually hear my wife talking to me while I use it.

    Brushless motors are nice because they generate less friction and heat, so the internal components last longer. They also perform better overall.

  • Long battery life

    I can get over 30 minutes of run time on the lowest setting which is surprisingly powerful. I am able to go over every surface of every floor and stair in my 1,600 square foot house in that amount of time. On high power, I get about 20 minutes of run time, but I only use that mode if there is something really stuck to the carpet.

  • Two power modes

    As I just mentioned, there are two power modes. In standard mode, you get 11kpa (kilopascals) of suction, and in MAX mode you get 23kpa. I found that I can do my whole house on one charge using standard mode while using MAX mode for some of the carpets.

  • Easy to take apart and change attachments

    This thing is stupid simple. You can take it apart without even reading the manual and add any of the attachments you need just as easily.

  • One button canister emptying

    Once the dust canister is full, just pop the clasp on the bottom of it to dump it out. Since the entire vacuum cleaner is so light, I just walk outside with the whole thing, hold it over the garbage can, and pop the clasp to dump out the contents. Super easy.

  • LED lights on the floor brush

    Before I bought this, I thought the LED lights would be gimmicky. They turned out to be amazing. All vacuum cleaners should have LED lights on the front of them to illuminate what they are about to suck up. I never realized exactly what the floor looked like before and after I vacuumed it until now.

    The lights make all the dust and junk on the floor light up and stand out. Then you run this over it, pull it back to take a second look — and it’s all gone! For some reason, this is so, so satisfying to me.

    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner LED Lights
  • Easy to clean HEPA filter

    I was surprised to learn this thing has a HEPA filtration system at this price range. The filter is easy to take out of the canister and rinse under the sink every two weeks or so of daily use. I just leave the filter out overnight to dry before I put it back in the next day.

  • This thing just feels good

    This might be a weird thing to say, but this vacuum cleaner just FEELS good. It’s smooth all over, light-weight, and well-balanced. This isn’t like those big bulky vacuum cleaners of yesteryear. This thing is sleek.

    Also, the brush head swivels around and under things. I can push this vacuum cleaner around as fast as my arms can move. Vacuuming the floors with the MOOSOO K17 is a much more elegant dance than fighting with a bulky and unruly vacuum cleaner that has the same clunky design from the 1950s.

  • It picks up just about everything

    I figured when I finally gave in and bought a slim, cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner like this, that I’d never be able to get the same suction power or pick up things like my old “trusty” vacuum cleaners. Well, those old “trusty” vacuum cleaners are terrible compared to this thing.

    My wife and I could not believe our eyes when we first powered this thing up and tested it on some dirt and debris. This thing blew our other vacuum cleaners out of the water (and we have at least five dead vacuum cleaners sitting in our vacuum cleaner graveyard in my workshop).

    The MOOSOO K17 vacuum cleaner picks up more dirt and debris than any vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used. And that’s no exaggeration. I mean that. I will never judge a vacuum cleaner by its size again.

How Much Does It Cost?

The MOOSOO K17 vacuum cleaner retails for about $160; however, it’s usually on sale on Amazon for about $140. Also, if you look closely, MOOSOO offers an additional $10 off coupon on Amazon. Make sure to check this coupon box on Amazon before you check out:

MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner Coupon

What Items Come With the MOOSOO K17?

You get 7 items when you order the MOOSOO K17:

  1. Main Motor
    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner Main Motor
  2. LED Motorized Brush
    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner LED Motorized Brush
  3. Charger and Storage Bracket
    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner Charging and Storage Bracket
  4. Crevice Nozzle
    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Nozzle
  5. Cleaning Brush
    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Brush
  6. Aluminum Alloy Tube
    MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner Aluminum Alloy Tube
  7. User Manual

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The K17 comes with a 2200mAh battery. It takes a total of about 3-4 hours to charge from completely drained.

I get 30-40 minutes of run time on standard mode with a little MAX mode thrown in there. If I run it purely on MAX mode, I get about 20 minutes of run time.

When you need to recharge the battery, you just pop the vacuum cleaner on the charging bracket. The charging bracket comes with hardware so you can mount it on the wall too. I just keep my charging station on the floor behind a chair and out of the way.

Also, the battery is detachable, so you can keep a charged spare battery to swap out if you have a super long vacuuming job to do. Also, if you use this thing for years and the battery efficiency ever runs down, you can replace it.

I wish I could say the same for these newer phones that don’t allow you to replace the batteries anymore. Once the batteries die, you have to buy a new phone, which I think is highway robbery!

You can buy a replacement battery for the MOOSOO K17 on Amazon here.

How Do You Clean the MOOSOO K17’s HEPA Filter?

Cleaning the HEPA filter is pretty easy:

  1. Dump out the debris in the catch bin
  2. Take out the HEPA filter
  3. Run the HEPA filter under running water for a few minutes or until clean
  4. Set the HEPA filter out to dry for a few hours
  5. Reinstall the HEPA filter

If for some reason your HEPA filter gets to the point of no return no matter how much you rinse it out, then it might be time to buy a replacement filter. MOOSOO recommends every three months, but your mileage may vary.

You can buy a six-pack of replacement filters here.

How We Fought Fleas With the MOOSOO K17 and Won

Ok, I’m going to share with you a personal story. My wife found a tiny kitten wandering around a Walmart parking lot dodging traffic. She asked the loitering panhandlers in the area if anyone knew who the kitten belonged to. They said it didn’t belong to anyone. So she brought it home.

We immediately took it to the vet to get it checked out for fleas and other things. The vet gave her a clean bill of health, so we brought the kitten home and began integrating it with our other cats and dogs.

A few weeks go by, and everything seems fine. We are loving our new kitten, and she seems to get along great with the other animals. However, we noticed that everyone seemed to be scratching a lot more.

One day, we dug deep into the fur of one of our white-furred animals, and lo and behold — WE FOUND FLEAS! We were mortified. Granted, we live in an area of the world where fleas are super common, and most people’s animals bring fleas in from their yards since it is warm year round. Up until then, we had gotten lucky dodging those pesky vermin.

Well, all the typical sources of information recommended poison, poison, and more poison. After reading plenty of horror stories of flea preventatives and flea killing shampoos and powders, we decided to try to take out the fleas using kinetic warfare. Our plan was unceasing vacuuming and flea combing.

At first, it was obvious we were fighting a losing battle. The fleas bred out of control and were EVERYWHERE. It was bedlam in our house. At times we could see them jumping from the carpets or furniture onto us. It was insane!

I vacuumed the entire house every single night. Every. Single. Night. I spent endless hours vacuuming. I used a big, bulky vacuum cleaner we picked up at Walmart for about the same amount as I would eventually end up spending on the MOOSOO K17.

We used that vacuum cleaner every day until it died, which wasn’t very long. Then we got another one. That one died. And another. Finally, that one died too. There was a similarity between all these vacuum cleaners. They were the bulky, loud, plug-in vacuum cleaners that looked like this:

Classic Style Vacuum Cleaner
Classic Style Vacuum Cleaner

Anyway, we killed about five different kinds of those in the $100-200 range, and they now live in the vacuum cleaner graveyard that is my workshop.

Then, we decided we were done blowing money on that style of vacuum cleaner that always died on us and never seemed to work that well. We said “Screw it, let’s try one of these new fandangled cordless, super light-weight vacuum cleaners for the same price. It probably won’t work as well, but what do we have to lose at this point?”

So, I did a ton of research and found that in this price range and category, the MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner appeared to be the best. We ordered it and waited for it to arrive.

When it arrived, I charged it up and read the instruction manual. A few hours later, it was fully charged and ready to go. My wife and I made an event out of it. We got it all set up and had plenty of dirt and debris on the floor to try it out on.

The first thing we noticed about it was how incredibly light it was. We were swinging this thing around like it was a broom on wheels. Then, we switched it on and were amazed at how powerful the lights were and could see all the dirt in front of it. We pushed it forward, pulled it back, and IT SUCKED UP EVERYTHING ON THE FIRST TRY!

We took turns vacuuming up the entire house that night. As strange as it sounds, we had a blast. The MOOSOO K17 tore it up. It sucked up dirt and debris better than any other vacuum cleaner either of us had ever used. Plus, it was the lightest and most fun vacuum cleaner of the bunch. And as for my first cordless vacuuming experience, well, that was just a joy.

So, that experience using the MOOSOO K17 vacuum cleaner the first time was incredible to say the least. I had no idea vacuuming could be such an enjoyable experience. My wife and I decided we were never going back to the old style vacuum cleaners that we had to lift and lug around with so much trouble.

I continued vacuuming the entire house every single night. I also detailed vacuumed the entire house once a week. That involved moving all the furniture and vacuuming under them, vacuuming the corners and crevices with attachments, and vacuuming all the furniture. We also washed every linen in our house every week.

After a few weeks of this, we noticed the flea count decreasing from the nightly flea combing. We kept with the program for a few more weeks and had days where we were only finding one or two fleas a night. Soon, we had days where we found no fleas at all. We kept at it.

Now, we haven’t found a flea in months. We’ve reduced the nightly vacuuming to every other night. The MOOSOO K17 nightly vacuuming and flea combing did the trick. We are now flea free!

I hope that story helps anyone who gets fleas and doesn’t want to use harmful poisons on their animals. The key is perseverance, flea combing, and a great vacuum cleaner!

Now, I’m going to include some other reviews so you can see that I’m not the only person that is gung-ho about this vacuum cleaner.

Customer Reviews of MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Works great so far

I’ve had this now for about 2 weeks, and I’ve used it probably 12 of the past 14 days. It was super easy to assemble without directions out of the box; but if you’re into that kind of thing, they do include them… and they make sense. I’m currently dealing with two 80 pound dogs: one Labrador, and one Golden Retriever. The shedding is next level. I can vacuum about 1400 sq ft of hard floors covered in dog hair, and only have to empty the collection canister twice.

The low setting is absolutely adequate for hard surface vacuuming, and the suction is actually quite good. I use the high setting for carpeted stairs and area rugs, it gets the dog hair up out of the carpets pretty well. It’s not a total substitute for a “real” vacuum, but it is perfect for keeping things looking good between deep cleans. In some ways it’s nice that it’s a bit gentler, my regular plug-in vacuum can’t do some rugs because the suction is too strong.

I can’t quite do my whole house on one charge, but I was pleasantly surprised by how long a charge lasts. I consistently get 30 minutes of use out of it before having to re-charge. I’m mostly using the low setting, but even with some high setting usage, it still gives me enough time to get done what I need to do.

This is my first cordless vacuum, my regular vacuum is a Dyson Ball Animal (which I love almost irrationally). I have to empty the canister on the full-size Dyson at least once for the same amount of space I have to dump this tiny canister twice, so in my opinion, this stick vacuum has pretty good capacity. It will get into small spaces that my full-sized vacuum won’t, so that’s a plus. I rinsed out the filter system for the first time yesterday, it was easy to do and it dried within a couple of hours.

Originally I wanted the Dyson V7 or V8 cordless stick vacuum, but I couldn’t justify $300+ for what I consider a convenience item (my Ball Animal is all the vacuum anyone ever could really “need”). This does everything I wanted it to do: it’s a lightweight, maneuverable, decent capacity, good suction, isn’t banging up my baseboards (the beater bar attachment has a rubber bumper), and lasts at least 30 minutes per charge. And I saved a bunch of money. Win-win.”

Lawyermom, MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon

Super strong suction!

You will be amazed by the suction of this vacuum! You have to see the dirt this vacuum can pick up. If you are not looking at the brand of the vacuum while you are using it, you might think you are using one of those name brands. Personally, I think it is even more powerful than those name brand. It is very easy to operate and much stronger suction than the other two cordless vacuums I have.

When you open the dust cup to empty the dirt, it might get on your hand. Other than that, there is nothing bad about this vacuum. You will wash your hand after you empty dust out anyway, so it is not a big deal. It also comes with a few accessories which is a plus. Happy purchase and useful product. I hope it will last.”
Penn Name, MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon

BETTER THAN DYSON!!! I’m MORE than satisfied.

I love this little cordless vacuum! Just as it’s advertised: powerful, lightweight, and convenient.

We purchased this to replace the old one in which the battery has died because the battery is removable, so you could get an extra battery. This vacuum is so handy. It’s light-weight so my little kids can move it where they need to. It picks up all the dog hair and is light enough to do the stairs also. This vacuum shouldn’t replace a large vacuum depending on your carpet.

If you have a longer carpet as I do, I would pull out the upright vacuum once a month to do a thorough cleaning or maybe more if you have pets. My place is 1400 sq ft and I could probably vacuum all the places before it starts to lose charge. It has a light that warns you to charge the vacuum. I just love it. If this ever goes out, I will definitely go back and buy another one.

It’s nice to not have to plug a vacuum every time you need to clean something up quickly. It’s awesome if you have last-minute guests and months and haven’t had a single problem. Easy to clean and small enough that you could store in a corner where no one will see it. I’m surprised it doesn’t cost more and if it did, I’d probably be willing to pay $170 for it. Worth every penny.”

Ayuki Wang, MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon

Great cleaning tool

This is a great vacuum I have 2 dogs and takes all hair. For kitchen mess after a busy weekend with family. Best of all I don’t have to pull a cord and only takes me seconds to clean.”

Ajanel Family, MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon


I have been wanting a cordless vacuum for quite some time but was majorly turned off by the price tag. Finally, I found this vacuum at a much more reasonable price than comparable models sold locally. I am admittedly kind of a clean freak, so for me, this vacuum is life-changing.

  • Animal hair: I have two dogs, one with long hair and one with short. I’m able to ‘zoom’ around and vacuum the whole main floor (mostly wood floors and area rugs) not including bedrooms, and I can do this in less than 10 minutes. I fill up the cup every time with hair and it hasn’t gotten clogged. This thing is really good a picking up hair and maintaining the floors.
  • Dust: Substantial dust elimination especially under furniture, which it goes under with ease. It also picked up a massive amount of baby powder my toddler had gotten into the carpet.
  • Battery life: So far I haven’t had the battery go out on me but I’ve only needed to use it for a max of 20 minutes.
  • Versatility: Can easily go under furniture (even low, modern furniture) and works well on carpet, area rugs, wood floor, and tile. Comes with accessories to easily clean the couch or other furniture. I plan to attack my car next.

I’ve been using this every day since I got it and my house hasn’t been this clean in a long time. If you have dogs or just really like clean floors this is a must-have, and you really can’t beat it for the price.”
Heather, MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon

Lightweight and powerful!

I LOVE this MOOSOO cordless vacuum! It’s so easy to use. I’m a 62-year-old woman with a history of 4 back surgeries and 2 knee replacements. This is the easiest vacuum I’ve ever used. It easily transitions from our area rugs to wood floors and tile in our kitchen. I love the light on the front of it. You can see what you’re picking up and if you got it all. I’m sure that this little vacuum got up more dirt on my wood floor than our big electric vacuum. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It gets up dirt, hair, and small objects close to a wall. The attachments are very easy to connect and the portable motor comes off quickly to use the attachments.

We briefly had a Dirt Devil and I could not change the attachments on it because it required a lot more muscle than I had. The MOOSOO attachments go on and come off with an easy click. It charges in a couple of hours and the battery lasted a long time. I vacuumed our whole living room, breezeway, kitchen, and hallway and it still had a charge (about 900 square feet). The whole unit can free stand in the middle of the floor which is something the Dirt Devil couldn’t do!

Cleaning the filter is very easy to do and take apart and put back together. The only negative is there is no way to store the attachments on or near the charging station. Charging and storage of the actual vacuum are convenient but not the storage of attachments. Very affordable for what you get!
Christy R., MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon

More than the sum of its parts

I’ve had this vacuum for about two weeks, having ordered it after buying a different name brand stick vacuum from a major box store and being so disappointed, I immediately returned it, and then ordered this, figuring why not, and the reviews seemed really positive…just unpacking it, and putting it quickly and easily together, I could immediately see that this product was actually well designed and constructed…and I’ve bought enough junk in my life to know the difference!

Once I got it together and used it, I was amazed at how easily the head pivot sand angles to reach completely under most of my furniture…the two suction modes are useful, the lower better for area rugs and low nap carpet, and the high-speed ideal for hard surfaces…the filter is easy to clean, and the battery seems more than up to the task, but I’m only cleaning a mid-sized condo…but the battery is removable, and extras are available, which is another feature that some of the most expensive stick vacuums don’t have.

Oh, and it’s like 3 times quieter than the vacuum I had bought previously…so you can call me a fan, for no other reason than this is that rarest of things…a product, that is actually what it says it is…well-engineered by smart people, who obviously care about making a good product, at a great price point.”
Kevin H., MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review on Amazon

Final Say and Rating for My MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

In conclusion, the MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner is amazing. I can’t tell you how much my family loves it. My wife even insisted I write this review to let everyone know how great it is. So, it has our highest approval, and I give it a rating of 9.4/10.

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MOOSOO K17 Vacuum Cleaner


Ease of use


Battery life




Suction power



  • Light-weight
  • Cordless
  • High-powered
  • Battery life
  • Easy to clean


  • None

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