Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is the favorite hangout of our cats Precious and Mittens. It’s affordable, fun, and made of high-quality materials that have withstood everything our crazy cats have thrown at it. I’ve been meaning to write a Go Pet Club Cat Tree review for a while now. We bought the blue, six-foot-tall or 72″ version a few years ago, and it’s still going strong.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Why The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Exceeded My Expectations

As I mentioned earlier, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is made of high-quality materials. The structure itself is made of compressed wood that is hard as a rock and sturdy. Once I put the entire thing together, I realized how strong it really is. I can stand on it when I’m vacuuming the top levels, and I weigh 150 lbs!

The faux fur finish (the entire thing is made from vegan-friendly materials) is soft to the touch, and the cats love to lay on it. It’s also easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Watch out for hairballs hidden on the uppermost towers though. Those sneaky little felines like to puke up hairballs in the top towers which I find weeks later when vacuuming up there.

Putting it together was super easy. It took me less than an hour, and most of that time was spent playing with my cats. One person can assemble it.

The best part about it was how affordable it was and that I could get it on Amazon. This is cheaper and bigger than anything I could find at the pet store. It was shipped to my front door in a decently large, but manageable box. I couldn’t believe this six-foot behemoth fit in that box when I finished assembling it.

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

I know many people are probably wondering if something six-feet tall like this could hold their cats. My cats weigh about 8 lbs. and 15 lbs., and they both run and battle all over this thing and take flying leaps to and from it. Like I said earlier, I stand on it when I’m vacuuming the top levels, and I weigh 150 lbs. or 68 kg.! That’s a lot of cat.

What Makes the Go Pet Club Cat Tree So Appealing To Cats?

Here are some of the things I noticed my cats like about this cat tree:

  • It’s tall and fun to climb up and down
  • It’s solid enough that they can leap from the bed to the cat tree without fear or it falling over
  • The posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope that they love to scratch
  • There are little fluffy balls dangling from strings on it that they like to bat at
  • They like to lay on the soft material
  • The towers are so high that they feel like queens of the castle
  • They like to look out the window from their high vantage points on the top towers
  • The top towers are perfect size for a cat body to curl up and take a nap in
  • The little cat condos make for great hiding spots to lie in wait to attack unsuspecting passerbys
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

How Big Is the 72″ Go Pet Club Cat Tree?

The overall dimensions are 33″W x 22″L x 72″H.

The baseboard dimensions are 23″W x 21″L.

The size of the top condo is 12″W x 12″L x 9.5″H.

The size of the bottom condo is 18″W x 12.5″L x 11.5″H.

The size of the top three perches is 12.75″W x 12.75″L x 2.25″H.

Other Customer Reviews Of The Go Pet Club Cat Tree

My cat loves this!

The cat absolutely loves this cat tree! He sleeps in there the majority of the day and easily runs in and out of it 20+ times. He became highly interested in it the moment I started unpacking the boxes and hasn’t lost interest since. Construction is sturdy and even though the cat leaps up into this thing many times, I never get the feeling that it may tip over or break at all. Occasionally I catch a dog up in there too….i don’t know what goes on in my house when no ones home but even when I am home the cat acts like a dog and one of the dogs acts like a cat. I will be purchasing another model from this same company in the near future for the basement as soon as I save enough money to do so.”

– Cody, Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review on Amazon

Story time:

I have 10 cats. All we had prior to this was one of those $40 cat trees that consists of a pole from the ground to the ceiling with these little ledges for sitting or, in my cats case, spinning in circles and clawing at the cheap cloth materials. The poor tree was in its last leg, and we needed something stronger and more elaborate.

The tree came in an exceedingly heavy box, but it was very easy to assemble (there’s pictures on the directions so that’s always helpful). Of course, because cats are cats, they were using it as multi-purpose ledges for perching, climbing, scratching, and as an intense playground/battleground before construction was complete. Then, opinions were given.

Priya, a 4-year-old tortie overflowing with tortie-tude who thinks she is the queen immediately claimed it. She put herself in the highest perch and made it her mission to smack at whoever else came on the tree. This did not deter the others. Priya graciously allowed her sister, Hazel (a 4-year-old grey tabby) equal reign of the cat tree. Being a tabby, Hazel had about five minutes of violent play where she run up and down the tree at top speed, clawing her way up and down the sides, and attempting to eat the hanging mice from their spot. Then she lost interest.

The two-year-old ginger tabby, Jax, who is a brat, got the most amount of pleasure laying underneath the whole tree and sneak attacking all who came near. Ten-year-old black cat London, the actual queen of the household, climbed to the top, and the never touched it again. Not tall enough for her.

The little places for cats to sleep inside really only appeals to our two white cats, 5-year-old brothers. They sleep there all day and don’t appreciate it when others use it as a playground. 15-year-old diabetic cat Rolly has no issues jumping into the ledges, and there are several good places to put bowls of dry cat food high-up.

Some people commented about the uselessness of the cat ramps – however, two of our cats (9-month-old Oggy and ten-month-old Klyde) are blind, and the ramps are the only way they know how to climb up the tree. They do love it up there though, and have no repercussions about flying off the top of the tree assuming the ground is somewhere below them.

This only detailed the adventures of 9 cats, because one cat (ten-year-old Sophie) has not ventured as far as the location of the cat tree from her safe bedroom. Maybe someday.

Altogether, excellent purchase. It has been four months and the cat tree is still solid, the cats still use it as frequently as they did before, and it seems to be a source for bouts of energy where the cats run around and house and up the tree. The hanging mice lasted about a month (shocking they lasted that long), not because of the cats, but because of a persistent malamute who could not resist temptation.

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a cat tree. The multiple areas allow room for multiple cats, it is accessible to all kinds of cats, works well for cat weights from 4 to 25 pounds, looks great in any room, has a really nice color, and all in all was the best cat purchase I made.

Only down side: the tree collects hair like that’s its primary job. We have six dogs and ten cats, and the tree looks like we’re trying to grow another hybrid animal. It’s easy to vacuum, but be ready for the hair collection.”

– Kelli, Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review on Amazon

“FAB deal for the price! A review by a Crazy Cat Lady

First of all ordered this, the order got canceled two days later, then availability was at a price $10 higher, which was slightly annoying but in the end I only paid $7 more because the new place didn’t have tax. Pictures are with their Christmas presents so apologies if it impedes view.

The box was pretty heavy so I was excited, and when I opened it up I couldn’t be more surprised. The fabric/carpet is SUPER SOFT and the blue is just GORGEOUS. I hate Beige with a passion so to have a coloured option that wasn’t Beige OR Brown (sorry I hate both) was fantastic but then to find out the quality is pretty superior as far as cat tree’s go, and to top it all off a price that was purrrrrfect!

Assembly: This took me about 20 mins to put together, the parts aren’t labeled but you can figure out from the same size groupings which posts are which. Some of the posts weren’t wrapped great but my cats aren’t so aggressive with the scratching so I don’t think it will be a problem. I did use industrial glue as I was putting this together and tightened it as humanly possible to ensure stability. It does wiggle a bit, but right now it’s on hardwood floor but the amount of wiggle is drastically less than I would assume. It is handling my chonky cat jumping from the floor to the top shelf with just a little bit of a shift.

I have five cats and they all approve. The top sections are not Maine Coon (mine have some Maine Coon) size but mine are making it work. Aside from the Sisal rope being looped weird in a few places (put those to the back) the carpet is secured well, and doesn’t look terrible on the bottom of the top shelves (see pics) and am very happy with this purchase. Other cat trees of this quality and size would cost me upwards of $300, and they probably wouldn’t be blue.

I didn’t install the stairs as I wanted a couple to exercise more and felt they would laze up the stairs. So I can’t comment on their stability. I do believe when I put it in it’s final place (the real christmas tree is in its spot right now) I will bracket a couple places to the wall simply because I have a couple of crazy cats who go mental when they get the zoomies, but I don’t think thats the fault of the cat tree manufacture 🙂

TLDR; 20 mins assembly (not really labeled), is fantastic quality for the price, cats approve and very little stability problems with five cats (2 chonkers).”

– Inamasque, Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review on Amazon

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review


I think the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a steal for how good it is. Our cats absolutely love this thing and spend most of their days lounging in the high towers. They play on it all the time. We’ve had it for years, and it isn’t showing any wear and tear. A quick once over with the vacuum cleaner attachment every few weeks is all that is needed to remove the white cat hair and make it look new.

This cat tree has brought our family, especially our fur kids, years of enjoyment. I give it my highest recommendation.

Considering this is one of our best purchases to date, I have to give the Go Pet Club Cat Tree a 9.8/10.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree


Fun For Cats


Cat Naps


Value For Price




Ease Of Assembly



  • High-Quality Materials
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Cats Love It!


  • Comes in a Heavy Box
  • Cleaning Hair Balls From the High Towers is Tricky

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